Origins of Winery Name

All In The Name

The name “Purgatory” comes from the (River of Lost Souls) in Southeastern Colorado.

Tales have been passed down for generations in the Croatian community about this river. These stories originated from Colorado mining towns.

In the 1800’s foreign newspapers advertised the silver and gold rushes in the United States. Many immigrants from across Europe came to Colorado, including a large Croatian contingent.

Stories circulated about the “river of lost souls” in these Croatian communities. It was said that an expedition of early explorers drowned in this river and their souls went to purgatory.

In Croatia, the majority of the population is Catholic. Purgatory is a plane in-between heaven and hell. It is a plane Catholics believe the spirit resides prior to going to heaven or hell.

Come into the Highlands Ranch winery location for a nice glass of Purgatory wine!


Purgatory River


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